On 16 May Acrow Corporation of America filed an application for a temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction against AIL International, Big R Manufacturing and Atlantic Industries over what it claimed was a scheme to procure details about the production of its patented 700XS bridge panel system.

On 28 May the plaintiff and defendants filed a Stipulation – a legal acknowledgment of certain facts by opposing parties – with the US District Court for the District of Colorado.

In the Stipulation the defendants stated that they were not currently in possession and never had been in possession of the identity of Acrow’s manufacturing partners that supply the steel materials used in constructing Acrow’s 700XS panel bridge system.

Through the Stipulation the defendants also affirmed that they would not obtain any trade secrets or confidential information of Acrow through improper means and had no intention of learning the identity of Acrow’s manufacturing partners for said panel system. They also said that they planned to compete with Acrow and others in the marketplace in a lawful manner.

A court order delivered the following day by Judge William J Martinez adopted the parties’ jointly signed Stipulation, thereby confirming the case’s dismissal.

While the dismissal signifies an end to the matter, the fact that the case was dismissed ‘without prejudice’ means it could be reopened in the future if the terms of the agreement are violated.