This month, it has shortlisted the two teams to move to the early contractor involvement phase of the new bridge to connect Kangaroo Point to the central business district. The teams are Connect Brisbane, led by Besix Watpac, and the Hull SRG Joint Venture.

It is also seeking feedback over the next two months to help inform the selection of preferred alignments and landing locations for two of the other projects in its green bridges programme.

Below: image of the new Kangaroo Point bridge

Kangaroo Point green bridge

The council aims to build new green bridges across the city to get more cars off the road and give people more choice when it comes to travel. “The new green bridges will make it even easier for you to get around our city on foot, by bike or scooter, or by connecting with public transport,” it said. “They will create a healthier, more active city, providing positive impacts to lifestyle, amenity and tourism, and economic benefits resulting from improved accessibility and reduced congestion on the ferry, bus and road networks.”

The new bridges will connect Kangaroo Point to the central business district, Toowong to West End and St Lucia to West End. There will also be a new crossing at Breakfast Creek. The current consultation focuses on the Toowong to West End and St Lucia to West End Green Bridges.

The council has committed US$220 million over the next four years to deliver the Kangaroo Point and Breakfast Creek Green Bridges. In total, it will invest up to US$365 million in the programme and will seek funding contributions from the Queensland and Australian governments.