UK-based bridge works specialist Spencer Group has been appointed to create the system to inspect the stay cables on the Pattullo Bridge.

The new Pattullo Bridge, which is due to open next year, will replace an existing crossing of the Fraser River near Vancouver.

The new Pattullo Bridge is due to open next year

Spencer Group is working on behalf of Fraser Crossing Constructors GP to design, manufacture, test and commission a semi-permanent access system to enable maintenance engineers to inspect all elements of the bridge’s stay cables.

Spencer Group is designing the access system

The cradle element, which will transport personnel to the desired inspection location, will operate similarly to a cable car, moving up and down a track rope on the four-lane, toll-free bridge.The system operates similarly to a cable car

The cradle will be electrically hoisted up and down the main track rope and will move vertically up and down to enable personnel to inspect the stay cable wires throughout the life of the bridge.

Manufacturing and testing will take place in the UK before the whole access system is shipped to Canada for installation.