Its funding, along with that contributed by the province and the city, means that work can now begin on the crossing of the Great Cataraqui River. Construction is expected to begin in 2019.

The project involves building a new, two-lane arch bridge to connect the east and west sides of Kingston.

Kingston Third Crossing

The bridge will include options for shared and active transportation, including a multi-use pedestrian and bike pathway, footpaths and cycle lanes on the road approaches, as well as connections to future waterfront trails.  

"Kingston's Third Crossing is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the city,” said Kingston mayor Bryan Paterson. “It's also our largest transportation investment in our city's history. I'm thrilled that we have confirmed the support of our partners at the other orders of government. Projects like this don't happen without our municipal, provincial and federal governments working together. We are incredibly appreciative of this investment and look forward to working together to make this project a reality. After 50+ years of studies, council decisions and community engagement, we are building this bridge – this is a huge moment for our community."