Alpin Technik was formed in 1997 and carries out robotic maintenance of infrastructure for the infrastructure, energy producing and chemical industries. The scope of services also includes corrosion protection for cables and stay cables as well as access equipment including mobile support platforms, motorised rope access technology, self-driving robots and drones.

DSI president of global services, Sanjay Razdan said: "The Alpin Technik acquisition enhances the service offering for our customers by using state of the art technologies and innovative solutions. It thus contributes to safety, savings and the sustainability of existing structures.

"Eric Kuhn, who started Alpin Technik over two decades ago, will continue to innovate and actively work with our customers."

Kuhn said: "The long-term experience and global network of Dywidag-Systems International in construction combined with the innovative solutions of Alpin Technik Leipzig will enhance the footprint of comprehensive services we will offer to the customers of both companies."