Governor Kathy Hochul said that the funding will go to 216 projects in 141 communities across New York.

This money, provided through the state's Bridge NY initiative, is designed to help local governments across the state harden their existing infrastructure while boosting the resiliency of bridges and culverts. Aims of the initiative include supporting projects that reduce the risk of flooding, improving the resiliency of structures and facilitating regional economic competitiveness.

Local bridges and culverts will be replaced or rehabilitated  using the funding

"New York State is making historic investments to modernise our infrastructure and we are committed to working with our partners in local government to help ensure that their bridges and culverts are ready to meet the challenges of global climate change,” said Hochul. “The Bridge NY programme provides essential funding directly to local governments to enhance the safety, resiliency, sustainability and reliability of local infrastructure, allowing more than 140 bridges to better withstand extreme weather events and keep New Yorkers safe.”

The announcement builds upon the more than US$716 million that has previously been awarded to local governments under the Bridge NY initiative.

New York State Department of Transportation commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez said: “New York’s infrastructure, especially at the local level, is among the oldest in the country, which makes investments like Bridge NY that harden our local infrastructure and invest in resiliency and sustainability so critically important to the Empire State’s future.”

One of the places receiving the funding is the town of Schuyler. Town supervisor Anthony Lucenti said: “The Town of Schuyler is very pleased to be awarded the Bridge NY Grant. The Frankfort-Schuyler Bridge not only connects 2 towns, but provides critical access to Routes 5 and 5S, thereby functioning to ease commute times, shorten bus routes, and expediting emergency response vehicles. However, after 40 plus years of heavy use the bridge is in need of a major rehabilitation. Repair issues are costly and challenging as the bridge crosses the Barge Canal and CSX Railroad. It’s not as easy as it looks. For two small towns owning a major bridge the only option has been to do small repairs on an as needed basis. This much needed grant will assure a complete rehabilitation of the Frankfort-Schuyler Bridge and provide all commuters in the Mohawk Valley, using the bridge, safe travel for years to come.”