The results have yet to be released in case of prejudicing any legal action, but in the meantime Hong Kong’s Highways Department has set out new safety measures that have been introduced on projects relating to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB).

The accident on happed on 29 March on a section of link road to the HZMB. Two foreign workers died after they and another fell into the sea from a construction site where a dual three-lane viaduct is being built as a connection to the bridge. At the time of the accident, they were dismantling a temporary working platform underneath the viaduct, which was about some 3m above the sea level.

The task force has now submitted an investigation report to the director of highways.

The Highways Department (HyD) said that it will now reflect the performances of the contractor and consultant concerned in respect of site safety and compliance with other relevant contractual requirements. HyD has already referred the investigation findings to relevant law enforcement departments for follow-up and will continue to co-operate with the relevant departments in the investigation. The department said: “As disclosing the content of the investigation report may affect the investigation work which is being carried out by the relevant enforcement departments and the possible prosecution procedures in future, the HyD must adopt a prudent attitude and shall not disclose the contents of the investigation report conducted by the independent investigation task force at this stage.”

Improvements measures have been introduced since the accident on projects relating to the HZMB. These have included re-examination of safety issues, formulation of an action plan to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents and immediate suspension of any activities identified by consultant staff. as potential safety hazards together. Also now required is strengthened, simple-to-follow training on construction methods, provided in multiple languages.