An initial tender process took place last year, when coontractor BAM Nuttall was awarded the contract to finalise the design of the lifting bridge. The project has now moved into its second stage, where a firm will be selected to build the bridge.

Councillor Matthew Hicks, leader of Suffolk County Council, said: “When we asked the people of Lowestoft about the Lake Lothing Third Crossing, 96% of those consulted said they thought there was a need for a new bridge. The people of Lowestoft want the new bridge, but some still doubt that it will happen. I look forward to reviewing the applications to build this bridge, which will make an incredible difference to Lowestoft and the eastern region.”

Lake Lothing Third Crossing

The UK government’s secretary of state for transport is expected to make a decision by December on whether to grant consent to build the bridge.

The aim is for the bridge to open in 2022.