The ceremonial opening of a 620m viaduct is a milestone in a major Slovene rail project.

The Vinjan viaduct is the longest of three viaducts on the Second Track, a project to double the Divaca–Koper Railway, which links Ljubljana and Divaca with the cargo port of Koper on the coast.

The opening of the Vinjan viaduct. Credit: 2TDK

The design and the construction method of the viaduct over the Vinjan Valley changed during the project in response to the discovery of a fossil landslide. The landslide was judged to be at rest, but the construction method was changed to free cantilever to ensure the safety of the project. And the number of pillars on the landslide zone was reduced from three to one.

The Second Track project is managed by the state-owned company 2TDK. Slovenian construction company Kolektor was responsible for building the viaduct.