UK military bridge designer and manufacturer WFEL said that it now the now sole bidder for Project Tyro, which involves supplying both armoured and tactical bridging systems.

Project Tyro aims to provide two types of bridge capabilities for the British Army's Royal Engineers (RE) to cross wet and dry gaps, both on the battlefield and in emergency and disaster-relief situations.

Close Support Bridges (CSB) are to be deployed, launched and recovered from armoured vehicles (AVLB) and a wheeled launcher (WVLB), while General Support Bridges (GSB) are to be self-deployed, providing MLC 100 (tracked) capability.

The assessment phase (AP) of Project Tyro has already been successfully completed by WFEL, with the invitation to negotiate being issued in September 2020. Negotiations for the demonstration & manufacture phase will begin this summer.

The bridging solutions offered by WFEL include the DSB Dry Support Bridge (below) for the GSB requirement. The bridge can be fully deployed by eight people and a single launch vehicle in under 90 minutes.

DFB military bridge

To meet the CSB requirement, WFEL is offering KMW’s Leguan Bridge. WFWL said that Leguan's fully automatic, horizontal bridge-laying capability provides increased stealth with a low silhouette during a five-minute launch. It can be adapted to be launched and recovered from the Ministry of Defence’s already-in-service Titan armoured bridge launchers and a new wheeled bridge launcher.