An arched design called 'Swan' submitted by construction company Fidele and designer Trilog Studio beat nine other entries. The bridge will link the edge of Pärnu city centre and the district of Rääma, connecting Raba Street on the right bank of the Pärnu River with Laia Street on the left bank.

The competition for the Raba-Lai Street was organised by Pärnu City Government’s planning department and the Association of Estonian Architects.

Nine ideas were submitted, two of which were rejected as they did not meet the competition requirements. The top five entries have been ranked by the competition judges.

1st place went to ‘Swan’ (below) by Trilog Studio and construction company Fidele.

Parnu bridge design competition - winner

2nd place (below) went to ‘Kawa’ by Male Maja.

Parnu bridge design competition - 2nd place

3rd prize (below) went to ‘Viiv’ by Molumba.

Parnu bridge design competition - 3rd place

Two other entries were also singled out by the judges:

‘Sillaallee’ (below) by Eek & Mutso, and

Parnu bridge design competition

‘Silmus’ (below) by Lauder Architects and Symptom Arhitekt.

Parnu bridge design competition