Jacques Cartier & Champlain Bridges Incorporated has picked Nouvel Horizon St-Laurent consortium, formed by Pomerleau and Delsan-AIM Environmental Services.

Champlain Bridge

The deconstruction project follows last year’s completion of the old structure's replacement, the Samuel De Champlain Bridge.

“The Champlain Bridge deconstruction project is set to be one of the most unique infrastructure projects in Quebec's history,” said infrastructure minister Catherine McKenna. “This project is now moving forward with a world-class team chosen to ensure that the local environment is protected for the benefit of Montreal residents, businesses, and visitors.”

She added that the project brings opportunities for local workers and service providers in the form of jobs and contracts, but also for entrepreneurs, artists and communities, who will be able to take part in shoreline redevelopment and identify ways of reusing parts of the old bridge.

A large proportion of the bridge materials will be repurposed into new municipal infrastructure, and public art works or processed through recycling centres across Quebec.