The US Coast Guard has issued a permit following its review and evaluation of the Detroit International Bridge Company's application to build a second Ambassador Bridge alongside the existing crossing.

The Coast Guard Bridge Permit application process runs separately from the Canadian government's approval process. Approval of the bridge by the Canadian government is required before DIBC can begin construction. However, the Canadian authorities support plans for an alternative proposed crossing, the Gordie Howe International Bridge, which is being led by the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority.

The Coast Guard permit approves the location and plans of the proposed new Ambassador Bridge. The approval was based on assessment of the potential impacts of the project on navigation and the human environment. After completing an environmental assessment, the Coast Guard issued a “finding of no significant impact”. It also determined that the navigational clearances would meet the reasonable needs of the current and foreseeable future navigation.

Detroit City Council approved an agreement with DIBC in July 2015 that will allow DIBC to pursue the necessary rights to construct the bridge over Riverside Park.