Trollhättan City has commissioned Peab to build Stridsberg Bridge under a contract worth US$392 million.

Stredsberg Bridge

Images: Trollhätten City

Stridsberg Bridge will span over Göta River between the area of Hjulkvarnelund and the new city borough of Vårvik. The bridge will have a total length of about 254m and will open.

Stridsberg Bridge

“We look forward to beginning construction of the Stridsberg Bridge,” said Peab region manager Berth Larsson. “The bridge is a key to the community development of Trollhätten, which we are proud to be a part of.”

Stridsberg Bridge

Stridsberg Bridge will reduce traffic density on existing bridges and create a new route for traffic between east and west Trollhätten. The bridge is designed to be usd by pedestrians, bicyclists, mass transit and cars. It will include 4m-wide pedestrian and bicycle paths and a 3.5m-wide car lane in both directions.

Chairman of the municipal board Paul Åkerlund said: “Building Stridsberg Bridge is a step towards the future, a link which further connects Trollhätten and everyone that lives here. Stridsberg Bridge is an asset for all of Trollhätten in so many ways.”

Construction is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.