The Department of Public Works & Highways signed the contract with China Road & Bridge Corporation (CRBC).

“We are more than excited to announce that with the signed contract, we can now apply for the loan agreement with the People’s Republic of China through China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA) to proceed with the detailed engineering design of the Samal Island to Davao City Connector Project,” said secretary of public works and highways Mark Villar.

The extradosed bridge will have a main span of 250m and a vertical navigation clearance of up to 47m as it crosses over the Pakiputan Strait. It will be supported by two pylons with heights of 73m. An extradosed design was chosen for reasons including height restrictions imposed by proximity to Francisco Bangoy International Airport.

SIDC extradosed bridge

CRBC which – one of three shortlisted contractors – was chosen for the SIDC project following procurement activities held in November and December 2020.

Once the detailed engineering design is completed, CRBC will start the 54-month civil works stage of the project.