The NZ Transport Agency said that its preferred design will provide pedestrians and cyclists with a 5m-wide path flanking the Harbour Bridge’s southbound traffic side.

Auckland Harbour Bridge - path

“We know Aucklanders want to cross the harbour on foot and by bike as quickly as possible and the Transport Agency has been working hard to develop a design that meets the future demands of all bridge users, is affordable and preserves the structural integrity of the Auckland Harbour Bridge,” said general manager system design and delivery Brett Gliddon.

The path will be attached to the piers rather than the 'clip on' that was used to widen the bridge in 1969, so there will be no load restrictions on the number of people able to access it at one time.

Auckland Harbour Bridge - path

Various options have been investigated as part of the business case process. The preferred option allows for separation between people on foot and on bikes. “We’re confident this will deliver the safest, most enduring solution not only for people now but also for future generations, and that it will become much more than just a transport connection,” said Gliddon.

“The route includes areas to pause and sit and it will have three generous viewing galleries,” he added. “These galleries are terraced down from the pathway to create a natural seating area, distinct from the cycleway. About a hundred metres long and more than two metres wide, they provide plenty of places for people to rest and enjoy the beautiful views from the iconic bridge.”