The government’s Ministry of Transport & Public Works (MTOP) announced the start of the work for the Cruce Sur road system in Guayaquil. Minister César Rohon said that the update to studies carried out in 2009 by the Army Corps of Engineers will allow the continuation of the construction process for the project, known as the Quinto Puente of Fifth Bridge.

The government had announced in September 2022 a tender for a pre-feasibility study and had awarded the work. Rohon said that he learned of the earlier study and the need to update it when he took up his role at the ministry in May 2023.

The studies envisage construction of 44km of roads connected through four bridges, totalling about 4km. The bridges will be built over the Cobina Estuary (550m long), the Bulu-Bulu River (185m), the Mojahuevo Estuary (50m) and the Guayas River (3.3km).

The fresh geotechnical studies will be carried out within a period of 60 days and the construction of the Cruce Sur Road System of Guayaquil is expected to take 60 months, said the MTOP.