A decree approved this week introduces provisions for the construction of the fixed link between Calabria and the island of Sicily. The project would involve construction of a suspension bridge with a world-record main span of 3.3km. The record is currently held by the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge in Turkey, which has a main span of 2,023m.

Planning for the record-breaking bridge over the Strait of Messina has been started and stopped many times over the years. In 2009, the bridge was due to have been completed by 2016 (link opens in new tab). The first story published on www.bridgeweb.com about the proposal was in April 2001, when the Italian government pledged its support. At the time, the cost was estimated at about US$5 billion. An official invitation to tender was published in 2004, with Impregilo appointed in October 2005 (link opens in new tab).

President Giorgia Meloni and minister of infrastructure and transport Matteo Salvini introduced the latest proposal, which covers a number of areas including the structure of the concession company and the restart of planning and design.