Andrew Cuomo was speaking at a lunch hosted by the Association for a Better New York.

“Why can't you have a bridge that goes from Nassau to Westchester or the Bronx?" he said. "You're on Long Island and you're coming in from Long Island and you want to go north, you have to come all the way into Queens over the Throgs Neck Bridge, Whitestone Bridge, all through the Bronx to get north. You bring all that traffic into the city, just so they can go north.”

He said that some people say that it’s a crazy idea and can’t be done; that it is too far. "Really? Chesapeake Bay Bridge 23 miles [37km], built in 1964. Don't tell me we can't do it," he added. "Don't tell me it's not economic. Cars and trucks would save hours, literally, with that one modification. It's only 12 miles [19km], it can be done. It's the kind of thinking that we're going to need to start getting our head around.”