Last year, Pfeifer acquired Covertex, a Shanghai-based manufacturer of PTFE, PVC and ETFE membrane and in March 2016 acquired Austrian-based Erneuener-Plus (now Pfeifer Systems), a specialist in retractable and movable structures.

By combining these new acquisitions, Pfeifer aims to create a global organisation with unparalleled technical and commercial experience and manufacturing resources. These new alliances will further enhance the group’s capabilities to undertake large iconic projects around the world.

"With this acquisition we are now the only speciality construction company in the world with the capabilities and experience to manufacture cables, stainless steel hardware, structural steel as well as membrane fabrication on a very large scale and a team to design, supply and install retractable and movable systems. By combining our resources, together with our technical, commercial, manufacturing and installation capabilities, we have the ability to effectively execute a wide range of projects from small and simple to very large and complex,” said Pfeifer Group president Gerhard Pfeifer.

"This new strategic alliance with Pfeifer will allow Fabritec to achieve its long term goal… to become the preferred vendor on major iconic stadium projects throughout North and South America, as well as providing Pfeifer with additional resources for its other global pursuits,” said Fabritec Structures chairman Basil Haymann.

The merged Pfeifer Group of Companies will have about 1,400 employees operating out of 20 different countries.