Software vendor Sofistik is establishing the new subsidiary, Sofin Consulting, which will be based in Espoo.

The company said that the move is a response to the latest developments in the construction industry, in which new modelling and design methods are coming to the fore, requiring additional services and knowledge transfer. Sofin will act as an independent consultant, offering to advise engineering practices, builders and public authorities on their bridge construction projects.

Its services include conceptual and detailed construction design, detailed parameter-based 3D modeling and all aspects of load-bearing planning. In addition, Sofin will offer project-specific training and consultancy in the Sofistik FEA bridge design software with building information modelling.

Atte Mikkonen

Atte Mikkonen (left), a civil and structural engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in bridge construction, will take on the role of managing director at Sofin Consulting. He previously worked for WSP on projects including the Kruunuvuori Bridge in Finland, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge in Vietnam, and the Chenab Bridge in India.

Mikkonen said: “Sofin is all about better design in a shorter time with higher quality. In partnership with our clients we will strive to achieve technical excellence, applying state-of-the-art modeling, analysis and design techniques. We will be a reliable sub-consultant, team member or service provider, helping engineering practices, construction contractors and authorities to optimise their bridge designs and coordinate client projects. I am looking forward to exciting and challenging international projects in bridge design and construction.”

“Our objective is to offer clients a productive and scalable solution for realising complex projects,” said Frank Deinzer, CEO of Sofistik. “In establishing Sofin Consulting we have created an opportunity to meet our clients’ needs for additional services beyond software technical support. From its Finnish base, Sofin will support bridge projects around the world, with clients benefiting from our expertise and practical knowledge.”