The bridge was damaged last week by barges that became unsecured during Hurricane Sally. FDOT’s team is currently inspecting all portions of the bridge, including the underwater substructure.

Preliminarily, the specialists have noted at least five of the bridge’s 105 spans are irreparable and will have to be reconstructed. Other spans also have varying degrees of damage.

Upon completion of the damage assessments, FDOT will first have to shore the structure so that crews can work safely and begin demolition of the irreparable areas.

Concurrently, FDOT will work to reconstruct the spans that need to be replaced and complete repairs that must be done before reopening the bridge to traffic. Minor repairs that can be done while the bridge is open will be addressed and prioritised accordingly, said FDOT.

Skanska has been on site since 2016 building a replacement for the bridge and will work with FDOT on the repairs to the existing structure.